1.1. Publishing company

The website www.qommute.com , subject of these General Conditions of Use, is published by the company QOMMUTE.

Legal form: SAS

SIRET: 485 224 455 00066

Address: 21 avenue de Mazargues, 13008 Marseille

Email address : contact@qommute.com

Telephone: +33 (0)9 66 93 12 23

1.2 Publication director

The Publication Director is Mr Cyril LABI.

1.3 Accommodation

The Site www.qommute.com is hosted by the company AMEN AGENCE DES MEDIAS NUMERIQUES

Legal Form: SASU

SIRET: 421 527 797 00011

Address: 12 Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées- Marcel Dassau , 75008 Paris

Email address : You can contact us via the “Contact us” section of the Amen website.

Telephone: +33(0)1 70 99 53 41


Site ” refers to the website of the company QOMMUTE, accessible at the address www.qommute.com ;

Content ” means any data, information, files, texts, images, videos, audios, codes, logos, drawings, etc. coming from the Site;

The User ” means any Internet user who uses the Site in accordance with these General Conditions;

General Conditions ”: refer to these General Conditions of Use.


These General Conditions are intended to apply to any User wishing to consult the Site in order to find out about the activities of QOMMUTE or to contact it.



The Site allows the User to be informed about all the activities offered by the QOMMUTE company. The latter is dedicated to the development of solutions dedicated to Public Transport and more particularly to Passenger information.

By accessing its Site, the User has access to a complete presentation of QOMMUTE, in particular its team, its services, its customers, its news.

The Site also allows Users who have accepted these General Conditions to contact QOMMUTE to submit an application or ask a question.



The User undertakes to respect these General Conditions.

The User undertakes not to enter or communicate any data and/or documents:

  • Having the aim of usurping the identity of others, this fact constituting a criminal offense;
  • Contrary to public order and good morals;
  • Infringing the image rights and privacy of others;
  • Infringing the intellectual property rights of a third person (brand, copyright, designs and models). Counterfeiting is punishable by 3 years of imprisonment and €300,000 fines;
  • Which would constitute an infringement of the provisions of the law of July 29, 1881 on freedom of the press (insult, defamation, etc. );
  • Of a pornographic nature;
  • Of a fascist, xenophobic, racist, homophobic or sectarian nature;
  • Of a malicious, vulgar, obscene or fraudulent nature;
  • Comments and/or images of an insulting, humiliating nature or infringing on a person's privacy;
  • Likely to undermine respect for human protection or dignity, equality between men and women, and the protection of minors;
  • Encouraging, containing or provoking discrimination, insult, hatred or violence against a person or a group of people, in particular because of their origin or whether or not they belong to an ethnic group, a nation, race or religion, their disability, their sexual preferences or any other difference;
  • Advocating or negating or questioning war crimes and/or crimes against humanity (revisionism);
  • Encouraging the commission of crimes and misdemeanors or the trade and consumption of illicit substances, prostitution, terrorism, sexual assault, theft, suicide, violence, deliberate damage and deterioration dangerous to people, attacks on the authority of Justice;
  • Infringing personality rights (violation of privacy, disclosure of an image without the person's authorization, disclosure of private and/or personal data, etc.).

The User is responsible for his or her conduct and any content transmitted via the contact form.

The User undertakes not to cause any technical harm to QOMMUTE. In particular, it undertakes not to harm the physical or computer integrity of the server or servers by using programs, files infected by viruses or any other computer programs of the same nature which could disrupt the operation of the Site. The User will be solely responsible for any damage that may result from his actions.

The User therefore undertakes not to use the Site to violate the law in force and not to encourage a third party to violate the law.

The User is prohibited from using the Site for any other processing not authorized by QOMMUTE.

The User is solely responsible in the event of use of the Site that does not comply with these General Conditions.


6.1. Accessibility and availability of the Site

QOMMUTE will make its best efforts to ensure the availability and accessibility of its Site, with the exception of periods of maintenance, updates, and other improvements or in the event of force majeure.

QOMMUTE cannot be held responsible for difficulties in accessing its Site due to disruptions in the internet network.

As such, the User acknowledges that the Site is accessible to him “ as is ” depending on its availability.

6.2. Security

In the event of a security breach noted by QOMMUTE, likely to seriously compromise the security of the Site and/or the data transmitted by the User, QOMMUTE may proceed, without notice, to a temporary interruption of its Site in order to remedy the security breach. security as soon as possible.

QOMMUTE undertakes to implement technical, organizational and physical measures consistent with the state of the art in order to ensure the security of its Site and the data transmitted there via the contact form.

QOMMUTE undertakes in this respect to implement the necessary means to ensure the physical conservation and integrity of the data hosted through its Site.

6.3. Disclaimer

QOMMUTE cannot be held liable when the Site is used by the User in a context not provided for by these General Conditions.



The Site may contain hypertext links pointing to websites or services offered by third parties.

QOMMUTE is not responsible for the consultation of these sites by the User who remains solely responsible.

The User is informed that the information available via hypertext links pointing to third party sites is not the responsibility of QOMMUTE which only makes it available to the User.



8.1. The brand

QOMMUTE is the holder of the European Union trademark QOMMUTE no. 017880364 filed on 03/27/2018.

Use of the Site does not result in any transfer of ownership to the User.

Any reproduction of the brand without the prior written authorization of QOMMUTE constitutes an act of counterfeiting and may result in legal action.

8.2. The website

QOMMUTE holds the copyright on the Site within the meaning of the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code. These intellectual property rights cover the site in its entirety as well as each element, in particular the graphic charter, editorial content, photographs, software, drawings, databases.

Any partial or total reproduction of the content of the Site belonging to QOMMUTE without its prior written authorization constitutes an act of counterfeiting likely to result in legal proceedings.



The use of personal data is defined and provided for in the privacy policy.



10.1. Entire General Conditions

These General Conditions represent the entirety of the commitments existing between the Parties.

10.2. Tolerance

It is formally agreed that any tolerance or waiver in the application of all or part of the commitments provided for in these General Conditions, whatever the frequency and duration, cannot constitute a modification of these General Conditions, nor generate a any right.

10.3. Nullity and independence of clauses

In the event that one or more of the stipulations herein is or becomes void, illegal or deemed inapplicable for any reason whatsoever, the validity , the legality or applicability of any other stipulation of the contract would in no way be affected or altered, unless these other stipulations of the contract form an integral part or are clearly inseparable from the provisions invalidated or deemed inapplicable or their cancellation calls into question the general balance of the convention.

10.4. Securities

The titles introducing the different articles of these General Conditions serve only to facilitate reading. The Titles must in no way serve as a tool for interpreting any rights or obligations of these General Conditions.

10.5. Applicable law and language of the Contract

These General Conditions are written in French and are subject to French law.



QOMMUTE reserves the right to modify and update these General Conditions at any time. The date of the last update will appear directly in the General Conditions.