The CTS transport network
uses Qommute

The Strasbourg public transport network CTS has been using Qommute since 2018. In search of a centralized management solution for Passenger Information, CTS wanted to set up a multi-modal transport and multi-media solution. In this context, Qommute proposed the integration of its solution.

The objectives of the CTS through the implementation of this solution were:

  • Equipped with an efficient solution to control its passenger information to manage, on its network, disturbances, scheduled or not, which result in operating situations in degraded mode.
  • Centralize operator input using a single, easy to use and fast tool.
  • Refine the level of detail of broadcasted information, including impacted stations and lines, allowing commuters to minimise impacts of disturbances.
  • Increase broadcasting media (Open data, Mail, etc.), keeping existing ones (BIV, Twitter).
  • Improve quality of service.
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What customers
say about us

« We performed a proof of concept for passenger information management with Qommute. The efficiency of Qommute's implication led us to obtain good results. They were able to quickly address requests for product changes. Therefore, they allow us to assess certain aspects of our operation.
Qommute solution answered numerous questions and the possibility of interface creation using SIRI standards is clearly a plus! »
Head of IT Engineering
« Qommute is the only solution that has met our expectations. Thanks to the possibility of defining efficient and duplicable scenarios, Qommute will give us a significant leap in terms of commuters’ information broadcasted quality, particularly in disturbed situations. Lastly, we were delighted by the Qommute’s Team policy: evolutions of the solution and addition of functionalities demonstrate a strategy of continuous improvement »
Head of Innovating Products & Services
« We have implemented all Qommute features to have relevant information for our customers. To date, the tests are very conclusive and let us consider a huge ``plus`` product as soon as our CAD will be functional. Scenarios are readable, easy to manipulate and finely adapted to the situation of disturbance management in real time. Furthermore, I am mainly satisfied with the functional and technical control of the team led by a knowledgeable project manager who speaks the same language as an operator. The listening and the quality of answers given by Qommute’s team are very valuable. Finally, I would say that the implementation of this solution is essential for the sake of passenger information quality. »
Chief Information Officer

They entrusted their Passenger Information management to Qommute...

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